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big sale for Christmas from Nov21 to Dec 25,2016
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Help Center

Q:I have a store in Canada. Can I still get wholesaler price?
A: Yes, you can. Just email us your store infomation. If you order more than $900, we will give you free shipping. The website also displays your purchase history, including pictures of the items you ordered. The pictures help you remember which items you ordered. It will also let you know which of our items are selling well in your store, making it easier for you to reorder from us. You can email us at; or call or text 519-573-7348 for more information.

Q:Do you ship to the USA?
A:Yes. We do.

Q: Can I make individual orders for myself on the website?
A: Individual orders are for US customer only. We only take store orders in Canada.

Q:What is shipping cost?
A:$39 plus 13% on the goods value.

Q:I have a store in Canada. Can I make an order online?
A:Yes. You can also call 519-573-7348.

Q:Can I pick up order in Toronto?
A:Yes. Take a look at our picture showroom for a complete display of all our products. After you've selected your items and made your order, we can meet you in Toronto.

Q: Are all the displayed items available for sale?

A:Most of them. We try to update the website by taking down any items that are unavailable at the moment. In the future, our website will show the inventory count for each item, as well as which items are on their way to our storage. We will send you an email if any of the items you order are currently unavailable and try our best to obtain it for you.

Q:Do I need to pay on the website?
A:No. Our website only takes orders. You pay after you confirm the order and we send you a confirmation email saying your order is ready.

Q:Can I email you the order?
A:Yes, you can. Just email us item number and quantity. We will send you a email let you confirm it.

Q:Can I order for resell?
A: Yes, you can. We will give you invoice in Canada.

Q:Can I put our logo on our bong?
A: Yes, you can. We will give you a quotation. Minimum is 70 pieces per order.

Q:Are the prices on your site the wholesale prices?
A: We only sell one price.

Q:Do you have driver delivery in Ontario?
A: Yes, we do. We have driver delivery in Ontario of Canada. So you can get your order then pay your bill in Ontario.

Q:Could I cross border got our order?
A: Yes, you can.  If you order more than $900. We can meet in Niagara Falls.



Q:COD in Canada?
A:If you have store in Canada, we can pay on delivery.

Q:Payment option?
A:INTERAC e-Transferor to our Canadian Bank Account, Money order(We can cash in USA),Chase QuickPay (Bank transfer to our account in USA' bank),  USPS ,, Zoompay(Use your cellphone number only work in Canada),Cheques, MoneyGram.

Q:What is easy way to pay from USA?
A:You can just deposit your check to my USA bank account or transfer to my bank account.  Never mail cheque to me. Please wire to my bank account.

Q:What is best way to pay from USA?
A:Bank online transfer(we will give you a USA bank account number). Chase QuickPay Bank transfer. We have a USA bank account. You can just transfer your bank account money to our bank account both in USA.

Q:Could I transfer payment to your USA bank account?
A:Yes, but only online transfer. Do not mail Cheque. We will tell you our bank account in USA.

Q:What is best way to pay from Canada?
A:bank INTERAC e-Transfer. You can just sent a email from your online bank to our email address. Just do not forget email us correct secret answer. Go to bank deposit to my bank account is good too.

Q:What is easier way to pay from US?
A:Mail us Money Order(UPSP for USA area. We can cross border cash it in USA). Moneygram.

Q:How use cellphone to pay?
A:Just check website . But it only work in Canada.

Q:How much is shipping fee?
A:It is shipping fee $39 (Post office  Expedited Parcel service) per time. We charge 13% for  Tax(Canada) or Handling(For USA). But except Hawaii and Alaska(Charge $99). If you order more than $900 in Canada, we offer your free shipping.

Q:Do I need pay duty?
A:Because we use Express , you do not need pay duty in most of times.

Q:Could I send you money by Paypal?
A:. No.

Q:Do you take Credit Card?

Q:How can I avoid fraud?
A:We only deal with people age more than 19. You can set up a security question for receive money. After we take a picture of your order(inculd all your items), you email us the answer. Anyway we want do business and you want low price, right?


Orther Q

Q:Can I return the item?
A:Yes you can. But you need take a picture and email us first.

Q:Which place I need put my shipping address?
A: The address you put on our website or you email us new address ?

Q:How many delivery days it will take?
A:Depend on the carrier, Post office USPS Expedited Parcel service take 4-12 days normally, UPS around 6 days. We only can control the shipping out date. After we drop off your parcel to the carrier, the carrier full control your parcels. We only can get same information acording the tracking number online. You can got this all the updated information onlind too. Same as us.

Q:If item is broken on the road?
A:After you received parcel, you need email and inform us in 3 days(according the tracking record) and attach the 2 detail picture( one is whole item picture, one is broken detail picture). We offer your 0 price plus (handling 13% and shipping $9) for a new one.  You can keep old one.




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